Voltaire Gazmin (Department of National Defense)

Secretary of the Department of National Defense - Voltaire Gazmin

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2 Responses to Voltaire Gazmin (Department of National Defense)

  1. Grace says:

    i heard your interview the other day about your proposal to bring back rotc and to include girls as well..i find your plan unrealistic..if you want to discipline the youth, getting them to attend rotc is not the solution. i find your example about the youth following traffic rules and regulation because of rotc training hilarious! discipline starts at home and can also be realized through examples. while training can be a tool to enforce this, it will not guaranty success. you will just be wasting your time if you will pursue this. if you want a clearer answer, why don’t you do a survey? (and i mean an honest to goodness survey that will show the real score and real sentiments of real people..not the kind that you use just to get pogi points)..

    there are other areas that you can put your energy into good use like disaster control and management, support for the military (try to do something about the equipments of soldiers, beef up their training and morale..), terrorism..these are the issues that should be looked into..

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